T-Block 72-Layer 300 Pore (Fibronectin Coated) Composite 1 (1)

The Ronawk Bio Block Universe Presentation at the Biotech Showcase in 2022

During the Biotech Showcase in 2022, the Ronawk team presented how the Bio Block Universe (T-Blocks, X-Blocks, and E-Blocks) is being used by CDMOs, CROs, biopharma, and academic labs to change the way labs grow cells. The Bio Blocks are being used for massive cell growth, organoids, and biological bi-products and are having a huge impact on the time to result and the expense of growing cells. Ronawk’s Bio Block Universe of cell growth technologies is a significant shift from the old way of growing cells and will be a huge disruptor in the future.
How big is Ronawk’s future? Very big!
What’s the impact on cell growth?  Huge!
If you are a tech you will love that you NEVER have to do a subculture again.
If you are a PI or Lab Director you will love the possibilities of massive cell growth with less time and significantly less labor or media.
The power of Bio Blocks:
  • One T75 can help grow ~3m cells.
  • One BioBlock can generate up to ~350m cells.
  • In the same space as a T75, you can fit 30 Bioblocks or ~10 billion cells.
  • Bio Blocks supersize any project and any growth vessel or think of it as growing all the cells you need for years, in less than a month.
  • Eliminates subcultures.

There are a few other applications we cannot discuss at this time but that will add to the life-changing technology that Ronawk has to offer.  This is going to be the future of cell culture.

Check out our YouTube video of our presentation and learn the basics of how Ronawk’s Bio Block Universe can impact you!


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The Bio Block Universe disrupts cell culture technology to change the future of cell growth.

The Bio Block Universe disrupts cell culture technology to change the future of cell growth.

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