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Pharma's Almanac Article Featuring Ronawk

Changing the Future of Cell Culture and Accelerating Next-Generation Therapies

Ronawk has developed a new 3D solution that enables the easy growth of large quantities of cells of a consistent phenotype. The company’s CEO and Founder A.J. Mellott, Ph.D., and Chief Revenue Officer Scott Leigh discuss the potential applications for the technology and their hopes for enabling significant advances in pharma manufacturing and beyond with Pharma’s Almanac Editor in Chief David Alvaro, Ph.D.
by David Alvaro
Pharma's Almanac

The Ronawk team takes some time to talk with Pharma's Almanac Editor and Chief, David Alvaro, about the start of the company, the Bio-Block technology, and how the company plan to innovate cell culture using 3D cell culture.
"The eureka moment was when I had a very simple thought:  Why can’t we grow cells in 3D from the beginning? When cells start growing in the body, they’re really growing in 3D. Nothing in the body — tissues and organs, etc. — is flat or 2D. It’s all contoured. If we could grow cells in a 3D format from the beginning, maybe we could we get higher-quality cells and create more accurate models.

The answer to the question was yes, but that then led to other questions, such as whether cells grown in a 3D format can expand, how nutrient diffusion and gas exchange could be handled, and so on, in order to provide an environment that closely mimics the original, natural cell environment." - AJ Mellott, CEO

In baseball, preparing for the first pitch requires a great deal of practice and builds on a spectacular amount of behind-the-scenes effort. Being a scientist is not much different - amazing discoveries, treatments, and technologies resulting from countless hours of energy and effort. That’s where Dr. A.J. Mellott saw an opportunity to make a difference with Ronawk, LLC, a biotech startup company that’s developing an innovative technology to help researchers produce stem cells at a massive scale. This technology allows scientists to do more experiments, test new ideas, and devote their time to something that could be translated to patient impact.
Ronawk, innovators in stem cell expansion technologies, has launched a trial program to provide its patented tissue-blocks (T-Blocks) to commercial cell producers and regenerative medicine partners. Their T-Blocks are a 3D matrix consumable product that enable the stem cell industry by providing means to increase stem cell production by 3,600 times vs. traditional expansion methods.