X-Blocks are Perfect For 

Massive Cell Growth & Retrieval

The X-Blocks provide ideal conditions for massive Cell Growth & Retrieval.

X-Blocks are already treated for cell adherence and growth and DO NOT REQUIRE ANY COATING.

Retrieval is conducted by using our X-tract Cell Retrieval Reagent. This reagent is an enzymatic process that dissolves the X-Block and provides retrieval of ~95% for downstream applications such as RNASeq.

The X-Block is an important member of the Bio-Block Universe. Bio-Blocks create bio-mimetic microenvironments designed to make life easier and more consistent for any lab.

Panel 1 - Block on Spatula

Key Benefits of X-Blocks Are:


Eliminating subcultures

 X-Blocks eliminate subcultures, which eliminates the “start-stop” interruptions when growing cells and tissues. This means cells can grow continuously while maintaining more consistent phenotypes and a lower risk of senescence

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Cell MG/Ml Surpassing

The cell mg/mL production is on par or surpasses all other environments

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This substrate allows for easier production and almost eliminates contamination



Since it is expandable, the size of the mimetic culture and application are only limited by imagination

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Due to the nature of the Bio-Block platform, mimetic cultures can be extended indefinitely

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Cell ADherence and growth

This bioactive X-Block is treated for cell adherence and growth

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Cell viability is consistently over 90%

Built For Innovators

The Bio-Factory™: A Mimetic Culture Platform


Tissue-Mimetic Structures

Ronawk’s Bio-Block, a 3D tissue-mimetic porous hydrogel substrate, allows cells to propagate a bio-mimetic microenvironment that develops into functional microtissues with organized cells and active signaling. Bio-Blocks enable real-time visualization, efficient nutrient exchange, and are compatible with prevailing tissue processing techniques.


Developing Cellular Function

Ronawk’s Bio-Block is a superior 3D tissue-mimetic porous hydrogel substrate designed to create an ideal environment for studying cellular function in tissue culture. Its unique features and capabilities set it apart from conventional culture systems, offering numerous advantages to researchers and clinicians. Different stimuli such as chemical agents or physical disruptions may be applied to Bio-Blocks to alter cellular functions which can then be observed in real-time.


Enhanced Cellular Signaling

Ronawk’s Bio-Block's signaling enhancement capabilities empower researchers to better understand and manipulate cellular communication, leading to more targeted and effective biologic therapies. By examining signaling molecules, manipulating cellular stimuli, and studying disease-specific frameworks, Bio-Blocks facilitate the development of innovative treatments that will improve patient outcomes and advance human health.


Leading To Bio-Mimetic Microenvironments

Ronawk’s Bio-Blocks are at the forefront of biotech and life science innovation and represent a powerful tool for developing bio-mimetic microenvironments. Bio-mimetic environments replicate the complexity and functionality of biological systems in the body such as an organ system, organ, tissue, or groupings of cells. A microtissue can be classified as a bio-mimetic microenvironment because it contains 3D structures and functional elements of native tissue. Be the innovator that unlocks breakthrough discoveries and improves patient outcomes by accelerating the science and research of tomorrow.

Key Attributes of X-Blocks

  • Eliminate subcultures with X-Blocks
  • Expandable – Connect X-Blocks together to create more surface area
  • X-Blocks can be seeded with 100K to 1M cells. The more cells you seed, the more cells you will produce
  • X-Blocks can be imaged directly using light microscopy
  • X-Blocks enable cells to maintain more consistent phenotypes over traditional cultures
  • X-Blocks promote cellular activity and reduce senescence

Built For Innovators

Transform What Was Once Tedious Into Effortless

Ronawk’s Bio-Block Universe transforms what was once tedious into effortless with mimetic culture systems that increase yield, viability, and output.

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