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Ronawk's Bio-Block Universe accelerates time to result by removing subculture, increasing biological yield by allowing cells to produce microenvironments as they would in the body, and creating an expandable environment without adding extensive time, labor, or costs.

The impact is an increase in cell and biological opportunities while maintaining cell and tissue viability, key characteristics, and secretion of therapeutic biologics while lowering contamination risk.


The first expandable Bio Platform from which biotechnology applications, processes, and technologies can be developed


Customizable platform for consistent, repeatable, and scalable production that accelerates research into next-generation therapies.

Ronawk’s Bio-Block Universe


Transform your cell and tissue experiments with Ronawk’s Bio-Blocks - A new class of Bio-Factory for generating biologically active compounds such as tissues, cells, and cellular secretions. Bio-Blocks are customizable 3D porous hydrogel substrates that mimic native tissue, enabling real-time observation, novel stimuli introduction, co-culturing, and cellular signaling analysis.

Explore breakthrough discoveries and develop targeted treatments with Bio-Blocks.

Physiological Modeling

Tissue-Mimetic Structures

Ronawk’s Bio-Block, a 3D tissue-mimetic porous hydrogel substrate, allows cells to propagate a bio-mimetic microenvironment that develops into functional microtissues with organized cells and active signaling. Bio-Blocks enable real-time visualization, efficient nutrient exchange, and are compatible with prevailing tissue processing techniques.

Cell Growth & Retrieval

Developing Cellular Function

Ronawk’s Bio-Block is a superior 3D tissue-mimetic porous hydrogel substrate designed to create an ideal environment for studying cellular function in tissue culture. Its unique features and capabilities set it apart from conventional culture systems, offering numerous advantages to researchers and clinicians. Different stimuli such as chemical agents or physical disruptions may be applied to Bio-Blocks to alter cellular functions which can then be observed in real-time.

Production of By-Product

Enhanced Cellular Signaling

Ronawk’s Bio-Block's signaling enhancement capabilities empower researchers to better understand and manipulate cellular communication, leading to more targeted and effective biologic therapies. By examining signaling molecules, manipulating cellular stimuli, and studying disease-specific frameworks, Bio-Blocks facilitate the development of innovative treatments that will improve patient outcomes and advance human health.

Production of By-Product

Leading To Bio-Mimetic Microenvironments

Ronawk’s Bio-Blocks are at the forefront of biotech and life science innovation and represent a powerful tool for developing bio-mimetic microenvironments. Bio-mimetic environments replicate the complexity and functionality of biological systems in the body such as an organ system, organ, tissue, or groupings of cells. A microtissue can be classified as a bio-mimetic microenvironment because it contains 3D structures and functional elements of native tissue. Be the innovator that unlocks breakthrough discoveries and improves patient outcomes by accelerating the science and research of tomorrow.

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Ronawk’s Bio-Block Universe serves science by offering the first customizable and expandable Bio-Mimetic System from which biotechnology and life science applications, processes, and technologies can be developed. Bio-Block technology utilizes biomimicry of soft tissues to streamline the process of growing cells outside the body in a manner that more closely resembles how cells grow naturally in the body.


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