white paper bio blocks™ the bio factory for generating bio mimetic microenvironments

Bio-Blocks: THE Bio-Factory For Generating Bio-Mimetic Microenvironments

When it comes to the culturing of tissue or cells, the traditional “one-size-fits-all” approach using flat and rigid surfaces can limit the growth and development of cells. This is where Tissue-Mimetic Technologies(TMT) come into play. These technologies use substrates or devices that can simulate or induce the properties found in natural tissue, allowing cells to behave more natively.

The newest of such technology is Ronawk’s Bio-Blocks, a new class of Bio-Factory developed using TMTs. Bio-Blocks are tissue-mimetic porous hydrogels that are shaped like jigsaw puzzle piece cubes and contain a series of microchannels running through them. These microchannels enable cells to create their own bio-mimetic microenvironments and regulate themselves naturally, leading to the formation of actual tissue.

But what does “tissue-mimetic” actually mean?

Essentially, it refers to a substrate or device that can simulate or induce the properties found in natural tissue. For example, different tissues have different stiffness and elastic properties based on their function, which can be mimicked in the Bio-Blocks. Additionally, the extracellular matrix composition can aid in influencing the formation of specific tissue types when the appropriate cell types are applied.

For decades, researchers have been using traditional cell and tissue culture methods that involve growing cells on flat and rigid surfaces. However, this approach has limitations, as cells actively respond to their environment and require certain conditions to properly organize and secrete structural proteins needed for mature tissue formation. Unfortunately, cells grown in non-native environments have a limited shelf-life and do not adequately represent the cells or tissues found within the body.

Fortunately, tissue engineers have been working on these challenges for decades and have uncovered some fascinating insights into how cells behave within tissues. The stiffness and elastic properties of a tissue support basic function, while the chemical and biological makeup of tissue contributes to how cells respond during homeostasis or in response to an injury.

This is where TMTs come into play. The physical, mechanical, chemical, and biological properties of tissue-mimetic substrates, like Bio-Blocks, can be modulated to mimic specific tissue environments. These technologies enable cells to behave more natively and can lead to the development of better models for treating diseases, cancers, and injuries.

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Bio-Blocks™: The Bio-Factory For Generating Bio-Mimetic Microenvironments

Bio-Blocks™: The Bio-Factory For Generating Bio-Mimetic Microenvironments

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