Our Technology


To overcome the diminishing return of passaging primary cells, our team developed an expandable 3D modular substrate that enables primary cells to grow continuously in the X, Y, and Z axial directions without the need for passaging. These substrates are called “Tissue Blocks” (T-Blocks).  As primary cells require more substrate, additional T-Blocks are added on in the X, Y, or Z axial directions.  This technology leverages a proprietary combination of different biomaterials and microgeometries to enable primary cells to proliferate, migrate, and secrete matrix in 3D to create a growth environment reminiscent of the original tissue.


How To Print T-Blocks

T-Blocks permit primary cells to grow outside of their original microenvironment without sacrificing differentiation potential, proliferation capabilities, or migration patterns, which provides a novel method to mass produce primary cells from a single donor.  In addition, T-Blocks can be used to generate target tissues by manipulating how T-Blocks are combined and by incorporating growth factors that stimulate target tissue formation. This technology enables primary cells to be grown in 3D and combined in 3D to form micro tissues that can be used for disease modeling and evaluating new therapeutics.


A biological platform that catapults primary cell production from 2D to 3D.


T-Blocks allow you to expand cells without sub-culturing. 

Maximize Your Confidence in Cell Culture

T-Blocks eliminate the need for sub-culture. When your cells need more surface area, simply connect a fresh T-Block, and watch your cells expand.

Spend More Time Innovating

T-Blocks drastically reduce the maintenance and labor requirements needed to culture cells so that you can focus on your experiments instead of feeding cells.

Scale Cell Production to Your Needs

T-Blocks exponentially expand surface area, so you can grow your cells efficiently with minimal resources.

Conquer Your Experiments

T-Blocks are modular and can be tailored to meet your needs. We are here to help you succeed.