T-Block 72-Layer 300 Pore (Fibronectin Coated) Composite 1 (1)

Graduate Student Summer Internship

Position Number: TBD

Employer Name:

Research & Development


Overtime Status:


Position Reports to (Classification Title):
Chief Technology Officer

Regular Hours of Work (Classified Jobs Only):
40 Hours

Length of Employment:
10 Weeks – Summer of 2022

90-Day Probationary Period:

Location of Position:
500 N. Rogers Rd. Suite 500-B20, Olathe, KS 66062

Position Summary:
This position requires an individual that is highly independent and self-motivated. The individual will be assisting Ronawk researchers to execute a variety of experiments related to 3D bioprinting, 3D printing, cell culture, and biologics production. These experiments are approved by Ronawk’s CTO and advance Ronawk’s strategic plans, complete client service projects, or improve Ronawk’s products. The position requires an individual that is well-versed in a variety of biological skills as well as a willingness to learn and develop new skills to complete projects. The individual will be responsible for submitting regular scientific reports to management, presenting scientific data to management, writing and submitting
manuscripts, contributing to scientific grants, and presenting at scientific meetings. The individual will be responsible for conducting his/her/their own literature reviews to justify scientific proposals to management and to support scientific presentations externally.

Required Qualifications:
Bachelors degree in biological sciences or related field with 2 years or more experience, or a Master’s
degree in biological.

Preferred Qualifications (1 or More):
-Proficiency with culturing primary cells isolated from tissue
-Proficiency with culturing immortalized cell lines, either adherent or non-adherent
-Proficiency with measuring biological factors via standard bioassays
-Mechanical testing experience
-Familiarity with 3D bioprinting (Design or Operations)
-Familiarity with 3D printing (Design or Operations)

Instructions for Applying:
Email Ms. Heather Decker ([email protected]) a Resume or CV, and cover letter on 1) why you would like to be a summer intern at Ronawk and 2) what you hope to gain out of your internship experience by no later than Friday, March 18th. A letter of recommendation from an individual familiar with your qualifications is highly encouraged, but not required.

Duties (1) Essential:
Data processing and analysis (imaging and numerical)

Duties (1) Essential:
Writing, constructing, and presenting scientific information for grant proposals, conference presentations, and manuscripts.

Mental/Cognitive Requirements:
Communication: YES
-Comprehend and use basic language, either written or spoken, to communicate information and ideas
-Comprehend and use technical or professional language, either written or spoken, to communicate complex ideas

Calculation: YES
-Perform numerical operations using basic counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing
-Perform complex quantitative calculations or reasoning using algebra, geometry, statistics, or abstract symbols

Problem Solving: YES
-Formulate and apply the appropriate course of action for routine or familiar situations
-Use logic to define problems, collect information, establish facts, draw valid conclusions, interpret information, and deal with abstract variables for unique or unfamiliar situations

Physical Activities & Requirements:
Light Activity:

-Lift – Raise or lower object & 20 lbs from one level to another
– Transport an object

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