Dr. David Zamierowski joins Ronawk Board of Directors.

March 10, 2023

Ronawk Brings On Dr. David S. Zamierowski As New Member of the Board of Directors

Olathe, KS – Ronawk, a biotech and biofabrication company powered by the Bio-Block Universe™, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. David S. Zamierowski to its Board of Directors. Dr. Zamierowski has a storied career as both a Plastic Surgeon and Inventor. He has developed countless advancements in many areas of life science.

About Dr. Zamierowski

Dr. Zamierowski graduated from Johns Hopkins Medical School in 1968 and completed a surgical internship at the University of Pittsburgh Hospitals. He was then drafted into the Army Medical Corps where he served as a Battalion Surgeon in the Artillery in Vietnam and was twice awarded the Bronze Star for Achievement.  He would go on to become double-boarded in Plastics and General Surgery and establish The Wound Care Centers of Kansas City.

Dr. Zamierowski is a prolific patent writer, with nearly 200 awarded patents spanning inventions that cover surface dressings and surgical wound devices. With the introduction of the V.A.C. external wound dressing in 1995 and the launch of the Prevena surgical incision dressing in 2009, Dr. Zamierowski joined the ranks of an elite group of physician inventors who have had more than one commercially successful product. The V.A.C. has now been used to treat more than 6 million wounds. He is most proud of its use as a surgical adjunct to stabilize traumatic wounds for the military. 

Since retirement, Dr. Zamierowski has returned to the University of Kansas Medical Center, where he worked with, and supported, programs for simulation and interprofessional education and the scholars exchange program.

“Dr. Zamierowski has served both as a mentor, friend, and one of my biggest supporters for the past eight years,” said Dr. A.J. Mellott, Co-Founder, and CEO of Ronawk.  “He has always provided wonderful insights on patenting and protecting technologies while challenging me to look at new ideas from multiple perspectives. The wealth of clinical knowledge and wound healing expertise he has provided over the years has been highly complementary and enriching to Ronawk’s tissue engineering efforts. Having him join the Ronawk Board of Directors is a wonderful way to expand the advice and encouragement he has provided to me to the rest of Ronawk’s team. His enthusiasm and insights as well as his extensive experience in commercializing medical products will be invaluable as Ronawk continues to grow. Ronawk is already stronger due to his mentorship and his continued input and advice will only further strengthen the company as we move forward.”

“Being on the Board enables me to be in a position to personally witness and experience the work of the lab”, said Dr. Zamierowski.

Dr. Zamierowski provides a wealth of knowledge when it comes to intellectual property protection as well as translational research. Dr. Zamierowski’s expertise and knowledge will serve as a valuable resource in guiding the company as it develops products that extend all the way from the benchtop to the bedside.


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