white paper the bio block™ a game changer in tissue culture

The Bio-Block™ A Game-Changer in Tissue Culture

Adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) hold immense potential in regenerative medicine, thanks to their ability to secrete a diverse array of bioactive compounds that promote wound healing and tissue regeneration. However, traditional 2D culture systems have limitations that lead to the loss of ‘stem-like’ properties and reduced secretion of bioactive compounds. This is where Bio-Blocks, a novel 3D tissue-mimetic porous hydrogel system, offers a more effective solution to overcome these challenges.

Advantages of the Bio-Block System

The Bio-Block system has demonstrated a range of advantages over 2D culture systems. Firstly, ASCs cultivated in the Bio-Block showed significantly higher viability (80.2%) compared to ASCs cultured in 2D (48.9%). Additionally, the Bio-Block enhanced the maintenance of ASC ‘stem-like’ properties, as evidenced by increased expression of stem cell markers CD44, CD73, CD90, and CD105. The Bio-Block system also reduced cellular senescence, as shown by the lower expression of senescence marker p16INK4a.

The Bio-Block system represents a promising advancement in tissue-mimetic culture for ASCs, enabling the production of a more potent ASC secretome with improved wound healing capacity and regenerative capabilities. Further research into the Bio-Block system, its impact on ASC secretome components, and potential clinical applications will undoubtedly contribute to the future of regenerative medicine.

Highlights of using Bio-Blocks over traditional 2D & 3D culture platforms:

  • Cells & tissues maintain their characteristics & properties longer and with more expression

  • Cells and tissue function more effectively

  • There is a significant reduction in senescence

  • Bio-Blocks remove the need to undergo subculturing

  • The platform reduces the potential for cell damage and contamination

  • The 3D system enables more consistent and reliable results


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The Bio-Block™: A Game Changer In Tissue Culture

The Bio-Block™: A Game Changer In Tissue Culture


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