White Paper: Beneficially Altered Secretory Activity of Cells Cultured in Bio‑Blocks vs. Traditional Culture Flasks: Protein Production

What are the secretome and conditioned media?

The secretome is all of the biological products produced and secreted by cells.  It has 2 major components – (1) the soluble fraction & (2) the vesicular fraction.  The soluble fraction contains things like proteins, growth factors, and cytokines.  The vesicular fraction contains different types of extracellular vesicles like exosomes and microsomes.

Conditioned media is media that contains the products secreted by cells.  It can be collected from active cell culture.  It has a range of potential applications like wound healing research. Biological products can be isolated from the conditioned media, or they can be used to treat other secondary cell populations.


Conditioned Media & Cell Culture Environment

The conditioned media produced by cells is a reflection of the health and quality of those cells.  The cell culture environment has a tremendous impact on the health of the cells.  Limitations of a cell culture environment can be reflected in the cells cultured.  Similarly, the benefits of a cell culture system can also be reflected in the cell culture.


Bio-Blocks and Conditioned Media

We’ve been able to share some of the advantages of the Bio-Blocks as a culture platform, including the general beneficial effects of treating cells with conditioned media produced by cells grown in Bio-Blocks.  The biological products in the conditioned media are responsible for these effects in some way.  Learning more about the specific components of the conditioned media can begin to explain the observed benefits.  What changes in the secretome might be induced by the Bio-Blocks? We started by looking into the soluble fraction of the secretome for answers.


Conditioned Media: Protein Analysis

A protein array is a useful, efficient tool for measuring the proteins present in conditioned media.  We used a protein array that could measure a range of proteins associated with wound healing that were present in the conditioned media.


The Bio-Block Advantage: Quality

The bio-mimetic microenvironment of the Bio-Blocks more closely mimics the naturally occurring cell environments than the rigid plastic of 2D cell culture flasks. This mimicry means the cells can grow in a more true-to-life environment, which results in higher quality cell culture with healthier cells. The quality of the cell culture directly impacts the quality of the conditioned media that gets collected. The quality begins with the cell culture platform and extends through to the final collected conditioned media.

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