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T-Blocks are not just another 3D cell culture system

We understand how fickle stem cells can be and the challenges that affect your ability to profitably expand stem cells to the quantity you need. Ronawk’s Tissue Blocks (T-Blocks) provide a 3D scaffold, with a proprietary and biologically relevant matrix, that enables you to move your stem cell expansion from 2D to 3D without need for significant investment of time or capital equipment. T-Blocks remove the need for passaging your cells during expansion and also support stem cell differentiation.

T-Blocks are not like any other 3D cell culture system, they’re better. T-Blocks interconnect to provide modular, scalable expansion and modular harvesting capabilities.


What can T-Blocks deliver for you?

If you’re looking to improve your cell production yields, reduce your operational cost and improve profits, T-Blocks are here to help. They make the jump from 2D to 3D cell culture expansion easy. Relative to 2D cell culture plate expansion, T-Blocks provide:

  • 3,600X greater cell yield
  • 97% reduction in labor
  • 93% reduction in consumable material cost
  • 30% reduction in contamination

T-Blocks also provide:

  • Ability to use your current cell culture media (no special media formulations or changes required)
  • >80% cell harvesting yield following T-Block digestion
  • More uniform batch production
  • Expansion, differentiation, cell banking capabilities

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