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X-Blocks Provide Ideal Conditions For Massive Cell Growth & Easy Retrieval

X-Blocks are ideal for massive cell growth as the X-block is degradable for ease of retrieval.

If you purchase in individual block quantities, don’t forget the X-Tract Reagent to improve X-Block harvesting.

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T-Blocks Are Ideal For Physiological Modeling

T-Blocks are perfect for Physiological Modeling (tissue, organoids, spheroids, etc.).

Coat T-Blocks with virtually any ECM coating to customize T-Blocks to your cell type.

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E-Block Is Ideal For Production Of Extra Cellular By-Products

The E-Block is ideal for the production of Extra Cellular By-Products (protein, exosomes, extra cellular vesicles, etc.).

E-Blocks are already treated for cell adherence and growth, and DO NOT REQUIRE ANY COATING.

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Ideal For Handling Bio-Blocks

Our various accessories are a great accessory to work with any block.

They can be autoclaved or ethanol washed.

Questions About Customized Bio-Blocks or specific applications?

Contact us for questions about other options with our Bio-Block technology.