OLATHE, KS: Ronawk, innovators in stem cell expansion technologies, has launched a trial program to provide its patented tissue-blocks (T-Blocks) to commercial cell producers and regenerative medicine partners. Their T-Blocks are a 3D matrix consumable product that enable the stem cell industry by providing means to increase stem cell production by 3,600 times vs. traditional expansion methods.

“Cell production methods have not kept pace with the research and applied interest there is for stem cells,” said A.J. Mellott, Founder and CEO of Ronawk. “Today, most labs and large therapeutic companies are still using antiquated 2D tissue culture flasks to grow stem cells,” continued Mellott. 

Based on published information, a lab will spend an average of $2,500 in consumables for each batch of 300 million stem cells produced using 2D tissue culture flasks. “With our T-Blocks, consumable costs are reduced to as little as $150 to produce the same number of cells,” said A.J. In short, “a company’s cost will be cut from $8 or $9 to less than $1 per million cells.” according to Mellott.

Additionally, the cell expansion process can take as much as 40 labor hours per batch. Ronawk’s process cuts this to less than 2 hours.  And unlike other 3D matrices, Ronawk’s T-Blocks are different. “Our T-blocks are customizable, expandable, and work with any media,” said A.J., “which makes our product compatible with most adherent stem cells.”

Ronawk is offering free samples of its T-blocks through September 30, 2020. 

Sample T-Blocks

About Ronawk

Ronawk LLC is a Kansas company founded with the goal of providing transformative technologies for the stem cell industry. We focus on enabling rapid, 3D production of patient-specific stem cells at a fraction of the cost of other methods. Ronawk works directly with scientists and industry to create solutions for their patient-specific therapeutics. Moving cell culture from 2D to 3D improves cell health, and cell production while reducing contamination risks and maintenance. Ronawk’s technology has multiple uses across tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, cellular therapy, biomanufacturing, diagnostic development, vaccines, cancer, and medical devices. To learn more, visit

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