T-Block Kit

T-Block Kit


Tissue Blocks (T-Blocks) are porous hydrogel scaffolds with polarized microstructures that enable primary adherent cells to attach, migrate, and proliferate after seeding. As primary cells require more surface area to grow, additional T-Blocks may be joined to the original T-Block seeded with cells. Cells will migrate and expand within additionally joined T-Blocks. All kit contents come sterilized, and ready to use. 

T-Block kits contain T-Blocks as well as specialized, sterile accessories for handling and imaging.



T-Blocks are a platform by which the T-Block substrate can be expanded by joining additional T-Blocks to the original T-Block. This process eliminates the requirement of sub-culture. T-Blocks are pre-sterilized. 

T-Block Spatula 

The T-Block Spatula is a tool made to handle T-Blocks more easily than using traditional forceps. The T-Block Spatula is pre-sterilized and may be re-sterilized via autoclave or ethylene oxide for additional uses

T-Block Plate 

The T-Block Plate is Ronawk’s unique culture vessel made exclusively for growing cells in T-Blocks. The Plate has modular compartments to minimize the volume of media required to supply cells with nutrients. 

For Research Use Only. Not for use in or intended for diagnostic or human procedures.
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PAT006, 6 T-Blocks, PAT012, 12 T-Blocks, PAT024, 24 T-Blocks


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