T-Block 72-Layer 300 Pore (Fibronectin Coated) Composite 1 (1)

The Ronawk team has developed three pieces to help scientists & researchers get an introduction to Ronawk and the Bio-Block Universe.

Below you’ll find the Introduction Scientific Deck which gives you a high-level understanding of the technology and its potential advantages.

Next, you’ll find the What to Look For Under the Scope piece which shows you what cells look like in the bio-blocks under a microscope. This will help you identify cells as they grow inside the blocks. Since they are growing in 3D they do look different than what cells grown in 2D look like.

Lastly, you’ll see the Cell Lines Cultured in Bio-Blocks piece which is a list of the various types of cells that have been grown in the bio-blocks so far.  We know that cells of all types will grow inside our cells, we understand that you might be curious whether specific cells have been tested in the block format previously or not.


Download the presentation here:

Ronawk Intro Scientific Deck

Ronawk What to Look For Under the Scope

Ronawk Cell Lines Cultured in Bio-Blocks

We hope that these documents will help answer some of your questions and spawn more.  There is additional information in a recent webinar, a recent presentation, and a recent article about Ronawk and the Bio-Blocks.  These are much more in-depth and can help you see the impact of the Bio-Block process on cell culture.


Biotech Showcase Presentation

Pharma’s Almanac Article – Changing the Future of Cell Culture and Accelerating Next-Generation Therapies

If you have additional questions or want to talk with our team about the potential for testing the blocks in your lab, please reach out to us here: Contact Us


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