Imaging and 3D Printing Ronawk

Ronawk now offers imaging and 3D printing services. Through Ronawk services, you can access their lab’s exciting instrumentation capabilities as well as their expertise in running this equipment.

For imaging this includes access to the Echo Revolve hybrid microscope as well as Molecular Devices SpectraMax iD3 and ImageXpress Micro XLS systems. For 3D printing you now have access to the Cellink Life Sciences Lumen X and Bio X printers as well as the Formlabs Form 3B system, which includes printers as well as paired wash and cure systems.

Ronawk imaging and 3D printing services are here to help you. You now have access to cutting edge equipment to generate data for grant applications, build that prototype you’ve wanted to test, or simply provide overflow sourcing for extra work your lab doesn’t have the bandwidth to do in house.


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