Ronawk Accelerates T-Block Testing Program

Ronawk is expanding its T-Block testing program and forming new partnerships in applied markets.

Specifically, we are providing T-Block testing to commercial cell producers and regenerative medicine partners.  These very applied fields will be able to immediately realize the value and benefits of T-Blocks relative to 2D cell culture expansion methods.

For commercial cell producers and cell expansion services who need to consistently deliver high volumes of viable stem cells to their customers, T-Blocks provide an approachable route to greater cell yields and batch uniformity while providing reductions in labor, consumable cost, and contamination. T-Blocks provide these commercial service providers with a competitive advantage to deliver increased profit as well as improved product to their customer base.

For regenerative medicine companies looking to arm their R&D teams with tools to develop therapeutic stem cell products and test applications, T-Blocks offer an innovative, modularly scalable route to stem cell expansion in a biologically relevant 3D matrix.  In other words, T-Blocks provide these R&D teams with tools to progress their research today so that they can develop future therapeutics.


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